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Best Film ProgramsIf you're new to the movie, or just looking for some additional information about the film before the jump and the ranks of millions of movie are 8 essential steps to be taken in the first movie. This article gives you nine tips videos that are taught in film schools around the world. Enjoy.

1. Concept You have a basic idea or concept before the movie ever production takes place. That includes plot, storyline, characters and locations where the film takes place. The best way is to write down your ideas on paper. Preserve all information, both large and small. Then sort the key themes and ideas. This piece of paper will become the script, and you can build from there.

2. Script If you have developed your idea, start writing the script together. Please note that the script is not just dialogue. The script is an area that happens, and it only gives the mood of the film. writing a script is the longest part of the movie believe it or not. Do not get frustrated if the script is changed along the way, this is normal. Even if a serious movie.

3. Storyboards It is part of a fun movie. At the end of the script, put the scenes in storyboards. This allows you to visualize the film. You may need to hire an illustrator for this, but it will be worth it.

4. Funding Yes, some funds to put the video together. If this is your first step of making a movie, you may only collect their money together with people with whom you work. However, if you expect a movie studio to finance it will have the following three main areas: the professional presentation that is unique to the script and see if a movie is negotiable.

5. Location Now that the funding from the edge, you can focus on the place of their films. Brainstorm a list of possible locations for the check points to see if you have permission to make a film there. Many sites will require a permit, so do not be surprised about it.

6. Cast / Crew Sometimes it can be hard to part from the movie. After a set of site location, you need to hire a majority. Many times you can add advertisement in the newspaper online catalogs. A great place to start is the university. Colleges usually have a drama club, students can be hired very cheaply.

7. Equipment Remember, this is not some big production of Star Wars right? You do not have all the modern technology that Hollywood uses. But at least you have a decent camera, light, sound, props, costumes and fragments. Do not go overboard on this or you will not break the bank.

8. Start Filming This is where the rubber hits the road film production. The film can only be 6 weeks or even 6 months. As to the first film, it may not be ready within two months. This is a good goal to shoot.